Thursday, August 22, 2013

Travel Themed Classroom - the Cheap and Easy Way

The minute I got the idea to go with a travel themed classroom for this year, I did what any sane person would do - I went to Pinterest. While most of the ideas were for an elementary room, I did find a couple good ones to adapt for my secondary classroom.

Since I was trying to find ideas on the cheap - I'm really not the type of person that will spend a $100+ decorating my classroom - I found lots of idea for printables, such as for signs in the classroom. I even looked at some birthday party themed sites. Evidently "airplane parties" are a lot more popular than I would ever imagine - and people PAY a lot more for those parties than I could ever imagine...

Anyway, here are the adaptations at work in my room:

"Upgrades" are book recommendations for the students. This board is next to my classroom library.

By the door, I have the sign for "Exit" and my class hour list was creatively made into "Arrivals and Departures."  This is one of my favorite subtle pieces of decor I made. It cost just enough to print the sheet of paper - almost nothing - and the kids that are the most observant get a chuckle out of it.

This bulletin board is in the front of my classroom and it's reserved for student work, which is why it looks so sad and empty now.

The binder rings hold "I Can..." statements for the Common Core. It gets changed every day, depending on the goal for the day. It's called the "Destination" because it's where we're aiming.

Finally, the "FlightPlan" is the plan for the day. I filled out the calendar for the month and the daily agenda is written before school.

And if you go to my previous post here, you can see the room as whole. There are a couple larger details that go with the theme as well :)

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