Sunday, August 18, 2013

Reading Takes You Places

School starts on Monday! I'm really excited...

As promised, here are a couple detail photos of my classroom decorations. I'm trying a theme out this year...

This is anchor of my entire room. It's behind my desk and pretty much takes up an entire wall. It's pretty eye catching. I got the idea from this website about bulletin boards for classrooms, as well as themes. I know themes tend to be more elementary, but I see no reason why they can't extend to secondary - teenagers deserve pretty rooms, too.

I used small paper plates that I bought from Target for the main lettering, just to make them stand out a bit more. They were like 200 for $2 or something ridiculous like that. The idea came from Pinterest, with the original poster from this blog.

Here are some details. I had originally just thought of having the world map, but since I have American Literature, I just couldn't stop myself. It was also nice that my mom had these from a project when I was graduating high school. She donated them to my room (thanks, Mom!).

I used a free business card template and created cards with the book covers, titles, author, and locations of over 110 different books. I wasn't able to put them all up - that could have just been insane. To get started, I did a quick Google Search for "Books Set Around the World".  These websites were the most helpful:

I only wish I could have found a free version of these "maps":

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