Monday, August 19, 2013

Make-Up Work Stations

It's only the first day of school, but due to the lifestyle of those I teach, I already have some absentees to worry about. In any given week, I could have 2-3 students per class absent at least one day (and this is with class sizes no larger than 25). I do not have enough time to keep track of all those papers.

Last year, I had a small bin with Monday through Friday folders for each class. The problem came in with students that were gone for longer than a week (or were not quite responsible enough to ask for an assignment within the week).

So I got an idea from a website on Pinterest (yes, Pinterest, again). Unfortunately, I lost the original poster, so if you can find it, I'd love to link to them.

Let me introduce you to my Make-Up Work and Supplies Station!

I have a bookshelf in the back of my room, where these two bins are placed - one for each of my preps.

Upon closer inspection, each bin is filled with hanging files, numbered 1 - 31. You got it! One for each day in a potential month. I place each make-up assignment in the respective date. For example, my CCSS Self-Assessments will be going in the 19th :)

On the shelves below are the supplies and dictionaries. Students are responsible for their own - they don't both me and I don't bother them.

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